Referral Terms

RECOUP CASH TERMS (Section 13 in Terms of Service)

13.1 "Recoup Rewards & Commission Credits" are not payable as "Recoup Cash." These are two separate programs.

13.2 You can earn “Recoup Cash” for joining and referring friends who join Recoup’s Validating Partners. You can view which partners are validating here:

13.3 Cash amounts payable and lists of requirements for each opportunity will be clearly displayed on our website or mobile app.

13.4 Recoup Cash is paid to you no later than 60 days from accomplishing all requirements for each opportunity.

13.5 Recoup Cash is paid to you with a Visa Gift Card through Tango. Recoup cash is never paid to your existing bank account, P2P payment, or check unless otherwise stated. For your security and privacy, to redeem Visa Gift Cards, you must download and use our native iOS or Android mobile apps. You cannot access earned Visa Gift Cards from our web app.

13.6 We reserve the right to request and verify State or Governmental photo ID prior to dispersing Recoup Cash.

13.7 We reserve the right to deny Recoup Cash to any member at any time if we believe inaccurate information has been provided to Recoup in an effort to fraudulently accumulate Recoup Cash balances or for any reason at our sole discretion.

13.8 Recoup Cash is not payable when you invite a friend who joins a Validating Partner when that friend is already a Recoup Member.

13.9 Recoup Cash is payable only once your unpaid Recoup Cash balance exceeds $10.

13.10 Each Recoup Cash opportunity is only available once per Recoup Member, even if you have multiple Recoup accounts, aliases, different email addresses. Each Recoup member must have unique financial institutions linked to their Recoup account.

13.11 Both you and your referral must be a valid Recoup Member. Both you and your referral must be different United States citizens, must be able to prove such if asked using a valid Government-issued ID, with different bank accounts connected to Recoup, and in good standing. Good standing means you aren’t delinquent with owed-commissions.


If you accept our opportunity to lower your commissions by sharing to Facebook, you understand this discounted commission is only extended while your shared post is visible on your Facebook page. If you delete or make this post private, Recoup reserves the right to charge you full rate commission.

This is a limited-time opportunity. If you skip this opportunity accidentally or purposefully, you cannot re-earn the discount at a later time.